Damn Good Poly Glue

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Poly Glue (Polyurethane Glue)

Damn Good Poly Glue is a versatile urethane for bonding many different types of material.

  • Bonds wood, metal, glass, stone, brick, fiberglass, carbon, foam, and more
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Temperature resistant
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Product Description

Damn Good Poly Glue is a 1-component liquid adhesive based on polyurethane. It is a moisture-curing, medium open time structural assembly system. Unlike contact adhesives, which require the coating of both substrate surfaces, Poly Glue requires only a single side. There is no need for additional handling; simply clamp and let dry.

Poly Glue is designed to bond well to wood, lauan, fiberboard (MDF), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane foam, particleboard, high pressure laminate (HPL), plywood, masonry, stone, ceramic and multiple surface-treated metals and plastics.

Typical Applications

Furniture building (wood), outdoor projects (wood, stone, metal, concrete, etc), craft projects, hobby projects, shoe repair, general household / shop repairs.

Instructions for Use

All bonding surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dust, lubricants, and should be of sound quality. Remove any surface contaminants with compressed air, brush or solvents. Aluminum surfaces and certain other metals must be epoxy / conversion coated or primed for best adhesion. Uncured adhesive can be removed with solvents such as dibasic ester (DBE), propylene carbonate, or citrus-based products. Cured adhesive can be removed with recommended specialty solvents or mechanically.


Damn Good


17 mL, 2 oz.


Light Brown

Viscosity (cP)


Specific Gravity


Temp Range Low


Temp Range High


Mix Ratio

1 Part

Cure Type


Work Life

25-30 mins

Full Cure Time

24 hrs

Shore Hardness


Shear Strength (psi)

5mm CRS @ 750PSI

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