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Damn Good Super Glue

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Rubber Toughened Super Glue

Damn Good Rubber Toughened Super Glue provides superior shock and thermal resistance when bonding rubbers, metals, and plastics in harsh environments.

  • Quick fixturing
  • Fast setting
  • Rubber toughened

Damn Good Super Glue Cleaner Remover

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Super Glue Cleaner Remover

Damn Good Super Glue Cleaner –┬áRemover dissolves dried Super glue (cyanoacrylate) adhesive, making it perfect for cleaning up the work area, tools, and spills.

  • Dissolves and removes the toughest dried Super Glue (cyanoacrylates) adhesives
  • Removes Glue from skin, metal, stone, glass, & more
  • Perfect for the home, workshop, and garage to dissolve dried Glue
  • Better than acetone for dissolving glue